Laurentiu Possa

Laurentiu Possa is a world-renowned artist best known for his roles in films such as Modern Love and Killing Eve. Post has been with his manager, Suzann Wade, since the beginning of his career. He is a highly versatile actor and has performed in many roles, from Russian cops to Chechen dissidents. Possa is also a linguist and fluent in Latin and Portuguese, Italian, French, Romany, and Serbian. He also has a perfect American accent.

Possa is also well known for his voice-over work in the gaming industry, with some of his most notable performances being in Total War: Attila – The Black Horse, GoldenEye, and James Bond 007 – Blood Stone. He is also an avid gardener and health enthusiast.

Possa is best known for his role as Guzman in Modern Love (2019). In this film, Possa stars alongside Cristin Milioti, which plays her doorman. His character is a master of languages and is described as a “warm and caring presence in the building.” Possa also starred as Vladimir in Killing Eve (2018) alongside Sarah Oh, Fiona Shaw, and Kim Bodnia. Possa’s character is a highly skilled assassin hired to eliminate a target.

Possa’s portrayal of Guzman and Vladimir shows his ability to seamlessly switch between multiple languages and accents and his range of emotions. His characters are both highly skilled and have an underlying warmth. Possa also has a deep bond with his beloved cat, Gracey, which is often seen in his on-screen roles.

In short, Laurentiu Possa is an incredibly talented actor and linguist. His versatile roles in films and gaming have earned him a place as one of the world’s most renowned performers. His ability to switch between different languages and accents and his range of emotions makes him a unique actor. Possa’s dedication to his craft and deep bond with his cat, Gracey, make him a highly sought-after performer.


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