Brandon Acker

Brandon Acker is a classical guitarist and specialist in early plucked instruments such as the baroque guitar, theorbo, lute, and archlute. He has toured extensively, performing with notable groups such as the Leipzig Baroque Orchestra, Piffaro, the Joffrey Ballet, the Chicago Philharmonic, the Newberry Consort, Haymarket Opera Company, Music of the Baroque, Third Coast Baroque, Opera Lafayette, and Bella Voce. He can be heard on his CDs “A Wanderer’s Guitar,” Schubert lieder arranged for guitar and baritone, “Favorites,” a CD of his dearest solo repertoire; and “Strung Up,” minimalist music arranged for harp and guitar.

Aside from performing, Brandon has another passion: providing educational content about historical lutes and guitars, guitar tutorials, and performance videos. His Youtube channel now has over 400,000 subscribers and 30 million views, and he and his wife have founded a new online music school,, for “All things that go pluck.” The online school has taught thousands of lessons on Zoom to students in over a dozen countries, hosted two online student recitals, and raised over $2,000 for music charities.

In 2022, Brandon launched his first classical guitar online course: This beginner course has been taken by over 750 students worldwide and received many excellent reviews from students. It is a six-hour, 53-video curriculum designed to take students from knowing nothing about guitar to playing their first recital with Brandon at the end of the course.

Brandon’s main instruments include a Sears Guitars classical guitar, a Klaus Jacobsen 2000 theorbo, a Julio Castaños Soler 2016 Baroque guitar, a Le Luth Dore Baroque lute and Renaissance lute, and a Sala Muzik Turkish oud.

Brandon Acker is a true master of plucked instruments, and his passion for education and performance is inspiring. His Youtube channel, school, and classical guitar online course are all great resources for people interested in learning more about these instruments. Brandon’s content will help you on your journey whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

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